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Google CEO Eric Schmidt: CNET Conversations

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Search your iPhone with emoji
1:05 December 2, 2016
Here's a novel way to find restaurants, movie times or sports results in Spotlight using emoji.
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The best new stuff online for December 2016
1:12 December 2, 2016
Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have lots of great new video to keep you happy during the last month of the year.
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Super Mario Maker lets you make your own Mario worlds on 3DS
1:50 December 2, 2016
NES Mini not available? Super Mario Maker is a pretty decent portable consolation prize.
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Apple to use drones for map data, Fitbit to buy Pebble
1:10 December 2, 2016
Today's biggest tech stories include Apple's use of drones for map data and AngelList's acquisition of Product Hunt. Plus Fitbit acquires...
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Give the gift of wearables and fitness trackers
1:50 December 2, 2016
If a fitness tracker or smartwatch is on your holiday wish list, there are more choices than ever. These are the top wearable devices,...
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Check out the first hydrogen-electric semi-truck, the Nikola One
1:28 December 1, 2016
The company says the concept has 1,200 miles of range and twice the horsepower of conventional diesel trucks.
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DirecTV Now: $35 a month for 100 live TV channels and a lot of fine print
1:56 December 1, 2016
The good news is that you can stream more channels than ever with DirecTV's new internet TV service. The bad news? It lacks CBS and...
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Apple is testing more than 10 different prototypes of the iPhone 8
5:27 December 1, 2016
Is Apple really working on a foldable iPhone? The iPhone 8 might not get an OLED display and Tim Cook says Air Pods will begin shipping...
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