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Zynga listens to users with Draw Something update

Zynga's immensely popular Draw Something just got a bunch of new features that fans of the game have been clamoring for since its launch.

Draw Something
You'll now be able to add a comment just after completing your drawing.
Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Draw Something (iPhone|Android) hit it big at the iTunes App Store by following a simple concept: draw a picture that describes a word, then send it to a friend to guess the word. The game took off immediately at the iTunes App Store for its close resemblance to board game Pictionary, but there were still rumblings from users of features that could make it better.

Today, Zynga released an update (for both iOS and Android) that brings many of those features to the game and should spark another resurgence in the top paid apps list. Probably the biggest feature is that you'll now be able to send comments along with your drawings. After you finish your drawing and touch "done," the app brings up a field so you can send a comment along with it. Once sent, you go on to another screen that lets you post your drawing to Twitter or Facebook, or you can touch a disc icon to save it to your camera roll.

Players will also appreciate the new undo last line feature. I can't tell you how many times I've been frustrated by having to erase a last line (I'm a terrible artist) only to draw it badly again and have to switch back to eraser to get rid of it.

Draw Something has been floating around the top of the iTunes App Store paid apps list since its initial release in February. Expect it to hit the top once again with these incredibly helpful new features.