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Zero G is the Spider-Man of iPhone 6 cases

The Zero G "anti-gravity" case from Mega Tiny Corporation uses NanoSuction material to make your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus stick to any smooth surface and stay stuck indefinitely.

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For the last week I've been playing around with a prototype for a pretty ingenious iPhone 6 case in advance of its March 31 debut on Kickstarter. It's called the Zero G anti-gravity case from a startup called Mega Tiny Corp.

It looks like your standard iPhone case but its back is covered with NanoSuction adhesive material that allows you to stick your iPhone to almost any smooth surface. EverStik is the company behind NanoSuction, which uses "millions of nano-sized suction cups to generate a powerful vacuum." Just a 6-inch square patch of the material can hold up a 10-pound object (4.5 kilograms), the company says.

The Zero G is good for selfies and video chatting. Sarah Tew / CNET

You can already buy inexpensive NanoSuction Seta pads ($10) to stick on the back of your own smartphone case and Seta also makes NanoSuction tablet and smartphone stands. But Mega Tiny says this is the first case that will have NanoSuction material integrated into the case itself. The final cases will have a cut out window for the Apple logo and be slightly slicker looking, says Mega Tiny co-founder Carl Winans.

What's cool about the NanoSuction material is that while it's really sticky, you can put the case in your pocket and not have it grab onto a bunch lint and other crap. And even if you do get some dust and particles on it, you can wipe them off with a damp cloth and the case cleans right up and is ready for sticking duty as soon as it dries. In other words, the material is washable.

I left the case overnight stuck to a window and it was still stuck there in the morning, so it adheres really well. That said, I'd probably use a screen protector for a little added protection. And yeah, Mega Tiny happens to sell those, too.

The Zero G anti-gravity case is due out in June for both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It'll retail for around $50 on Amazon, but MegaTiny has early-bird deals for less than $40 on Kickstarter.

Due to ship in June, the final version of the Mega Tiny Corp Zero G case will have a cut out to expose the Apple logo. Mega Tiny Corporation