YouTube virtual try-ons are here, starting with lipstick

Pucker up! A new AR feature could be just the beginning.

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Virtually try on different lipstick shades with YouTube's new AR feature.

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YouTube  is the most popular video platform in the world, which is why any experiments with new technologies should make you sit up and pay attention. In this case, it's a new feature on YouTube for your phone that uses AR (that's augmented reality) to help you try on and even buy lipstick using your front-facing camera -- without leaving your living room.  The platform is already a powerhouse for product recommendations of all kinds. If successful, this could be the beginning of a new way to shop using AR. 

For now, the new AR Beauty Try-On tool in the YouTube app for Android and iPhone lets you try on MAC lipstick while following along with beauty vlogger Roxette Arisa. Using this new feature can help you preview lipstick shades before you buy. It could even save you a trip from visiting the store -- if you find a color that looks damn good on you, you can buy it right then and there.


YouTube lets you virtually try on 24 shades.

Katie Conner/CNET

YouTube says it's exploring other makeup possibilities, so virtually trying on blush and eyeshadow shades could come next. Enjoy!

1. In the YouTube app, search for this video: Golden Goddess Makeup Tutorial using all my Holy Grail MAC products

2. Tap Try it on.

3. Next, tap OK.

4. Select OK to give YouTube access to your camera. You'll need to do this in order to use the feature.

5. The screen splits and you'll see yourself in the bottom half of your phone display, along with 24 lipstick shades to swipe through. Tap any color you're interested in trying on. Be careful when you move your mouth -- you might get fake lipstick on your teeth.

6. As you're selecting colors, you'll notice that the MAC shade names appear at the bottom of the screen. If you find a color you want to buy, tap Shop.

7. Tap again to open MAC's shopping cart in your preferred browser and checkout from there. 

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