You can download Apple's iOS 11.3 public beta, but beware

The test version of Apple's latest software includes new animoji, better augmented reality features and message syncing.

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Ian Sherr

Some of the new animoji, courtesy of Apple.

GIF by Sean Hollister/CNET

If you have an iPhone X, then you too can now send messages as a skeleton.

I wrote that weird and unlikely sentence because Apple released the test version of its iOS 11.3 update Thursday. The software, which was announced Wednesday, is now available basically to anyone who wants to install it on their devices. 

Apple released a test version of the software for developers on Wednesday. It usually opts to send more stable versions to the public later. In this case, the company waited a day.

The test software is available through Apple's "Beta Software Program." We have a handy CNET How-To guide that walks you through how to sign up here. The iOS 11.3 update is expected to be released broadly this spring.

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Please remember, however, this is still test software and may be buggy. Experts always recommend you don't install it on a phone or tablet you rely on daily.

The iOS 11.3 update includes new augmented reality features that will work with walls, message backup and syncing, an updated health app that will store records from hospitals, and new animoji like a lion, dragon and skeleton. All told, there are at least seven big new features planned for the update.