Yes or no--easy for me to say

Yes or no--easy for me to say

Ronn Owens
Ronn Owens is a host for KGO Radio. When not working on his daily talk show, he is pursuing the latest in cell phones.
Ronn Owens
A lot of people find it hard to give you a yes or no answer when it comes to technology. I am not one of those people.

The Chocolate Phone (LG) is certainly good-looking. It's also a so-so phone. I give it a no.

Sony Ericsson's W810 might be the only candy bar phone to reverse my position against such phones. It does three things (phone, camera, music) and does them very well. I say yes.

The Nokia 8801 is now less than $400. If looks are your top priority (on an otherwise average phone) go for it. Yes.

For that matter, if cost is no object, wait for Nokia's next version (8800 Sirocco Edition). Pricey, but stunning. And with a 2-megapixel camera to boot. Yes.

On the other hand, the Nokia 7380 is pitched to the female market and is a thin attention-getter. It's also a terrible phone. No!

Motorola's Pebl U6. It comes in a variety of colors, is a solid clamshell phone with more than six hours of talk time, and it feels comfortable. Yes.

The Motorola Slvr L6 is certainly well priced, but with a mere VGA camera and my dislike of candy bar phones, I say no.

The Nokia 9300i is great if you want to carry a brick. Add to that a cumbersome menu, and it's clearly more trouble than it's worth. No.

Finally, a phone to look out for is the Motorola W220. Over eight hours talk time in a Krzr-like package. Yes?