Xiaomi shows Mi Mix 3 running 5G, notch-free

In a teasing tweet, a Xiaomi mobile exec shows an upcoming phone, believed to be the Mi Mix 3, with 5G enabled.

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Donovan Sung/Xiaomi

Xiaomi Director of Product Management Donovan Sung on Monday posted a photo on Twitter of a new phone, widely believed to be the Mi Mix 3, asking, "Does anyone see anything interesting?" 

The answer is yes, as it shows 5G active in the status bar as well as a display with its cell connection info behind it. The phone is supposedly shipping in October.

Note that just because it's shown running 5G doesn't necessarily mean that it will support it out of the box. And even if it does, you many not be able to use it. Network buildouts are still going on, even in Xiaomi's home country, China, which is at the forefront of 5G development.

The thin upper bezel houses a pop-up camera a la the Vivo Nex or Oppo Find X, Android Headlines reports. And it's expected to include flagship specs such as a Snapdragon 845 processor and 256GB storage, according to Gadgets Now. Sung also reportedly posted this photo on Weibo, though once again, not explicitly stating it's the Mi Max 3.

It's been a busy few days for the phone -- there's also a video (originally posted on Weibo, and later shared on Twitter) of the rumored Mi Max 3 showing its manual sliding camera mechanism in action.

We reached out to Xiaomi for confirmation, comments or clarifications, but didn't immediately hear back.

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