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X Factor Nokia 5228 makes it through to the final

An X Factor-branded Nokia 5228 from Carphone Warehouse offers exclusive content from the musical freak show and the latest on Cheryl's malaria.

Whether you enjoy watching the socially inept humiliated, revel in the tears of sobbing teenagers, or are just mesmerised by Cheryl Cole's giant head, you may feel you just can't get enough X Factor. Thank Cowell! You can now buy an X Factor-branded Nokia 5228 from Carphone Warehouse. 

The 5228, a cheap and cheerful touchscreen phone that's similar to the Nokia 5230, will come with exclusive X Factor content. That means an app that serves up backstage gossip, unseen clips from the shows, and even tips from the voice coaches. The app also lets you message about the show with other fans and vote on the current crop of pop pretenders.

X Factor pictures, wallpapers and ringtones come pre-loaded on the phone. There's also video of past shows, such as Jedward moments you can't forget, no matter how many times you shower with bleach.

The 5228 has a resistive 3.2-inch touchscreen, but we're not fans of Nokia's previous attempts at cheap touchscreen phones. They tend to be very unresponsive, and Nokia's software isn't very user-friendly when it's shoehorned on to a touchscreen phone. The phone also doesn't have 3G or Wi-Fi, so downloading all those X Factor clips may not be as fast or fun as it sounds.

The rest of the specs are similarly rock-bottom, with a microSD memory card slot for expanding the 5228's pitiable 70MB of built-in memory, a 2-megapixel camera, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

For a mere £70 on pay as you go, however, the 5228 won't hurt your wallet as much as X Factor hurts your ears.