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Wrapping Up

Last impressions from the Pre.

2 min read
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If you have been following at all, you may walk away from my posts with the idea that I hate everything about the Pre. Just in case, I wanted to use my last post of the month to summarize my feelings about the Pre.

In a nutshell, I love it. The webOS is fantastic. Initially, I did not take as big advantage of it as I could have, but now I have settled into a routine now where I have my calendar (fully integrated with Google), my task list, my memo board, my e-mail and my text/chat conversations all running in the background all the time. I still get great battery life and I save on waiting for them to boot up as I move between the various cards constantly.

The physical phone itself is gorgeous. The screen has amazing clarity to it and the phone is sleek and trim. Maybe not as much as the iPhone, but I have found that I enjoy holding it a lot more than the iPhones. The Pre's slight contour gives it a better feel to me.

As a software engineer, I have picked on a lot of little aspects about the phone that I have felt could have been implemented better. However, I am hopeful that the App Catalog will eventually fix most of my little qualms with the phone and looking at some of the homebrewed applications that are floating around, it is not just blind hope. Even if it does not, I am still left with a phone that I adore and it vastly superior to my previous Palm phone.