Windows Phone Mango update to bring new business features

Microsoft outlines some of the new productivity and business features of its upcoming Mango update for Windows Phone.

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Windows Phone
Threaded conversation view will be among the new productivity features coming in the Windows Phone Mango update. Microsoft

On May 24, Microsoft will preview its upcoming Mango update for Windows Phone at a special event in New York, but the company is already starting to reveal details about the next version of its mobile operating system.

Paul Bryan, senior director of business experience for Windows Phone, outlined some of the upcoming business features in the Windows Phone blog today and said that Mango was designed to make you more productive right out of the box.

The new capabilities include:

  • Office document storage in the cloud. Users will be able to share and store documents through Office 365 and Windows Live Skydrive.

  • Pinnable e-mail folders so you can access them from the Start screen.

  • Conversation view in e-mails.

  • The ability to search your e-mail server for messages no longer stored on your phone.

  • Access to a Lync Mobile app (available through the Windows Phone Marketplace), which includes instant-messaging capabilities and shows who's online and available to chat.

Microsoft also briefly touched on the Mango update at Mobile World Congress and said that third-party multitasking, support for Internet Explorer 9, and Twitter integration are also coming to Windows Phone. This will be the first major software update for the platform. Microsoft is currently rolling out the NoDo update, which brings copy and paste and improved performance, though the process hasn't gone very smoothly.

We hope things will be better with Mango. We'll be at the event on May 24 to bring you all the news live, so be sure to check back then for all the details.

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