Windows Phone Mango served up in delicious video

Our video tree is ripe with a Mango-flavoured Windows Phone treat -- hit play to see what Flora thinks of Microsoft's latest harvest of features for its mobile software.

Sammy Albon
2 min read

In our freshly prepared video, Flora gets her sticky paws on Mango, Microsoft's upcoming free software update for Windows Phone. You can catch a glimpse of some of the 500 tasty new features being added to the mobile OS.

Sweetening the deal in this update is Twitter and LinkedIn integration. Windows Phone already ships with Facebook buried within it and now, in a move mirroring Apple's adoption, Microsoft's phone OS is set to embrace the little blue bird too.

A core feature being updated in this release is Internet Explorer. Windows Phone's IE9 is closer to a fully functional computer browser than it is to a mobile browser. Microsoft claims the mobile IE9 is an exact copy of the one on your PC.

A welcome update is a new way of managing your contacts. You will be able to throw your contacts into a group, which will aggregate all of their Facebook statuses and tweets, and you'll even be able to simultaneously message them all.

For each independent contact, you'll also able to see all of their social networking activity just by selecting their name -- everything in one place.

As if this wasn't enough, Microsoft has now added multi-tasking to further whet your appetite -- bringing the OS up to date with both Android, iOS and BlackBerry in this regard.

Minor improvements also include a slight touch-up of the live tiles dotting the homescreen, which will be able to display more dynamic information, and look cool doing it.

Just check out Flora's video to experience this new fruity feel being added to Microsoft's Windows Phone.

  • Produced by Alper Cagatay. Presented by Flora Graham.