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Windows Phone 7 SDK coming September 16

Microsoft clues developers in on the Windows Phone 7 road map, announcing that Windows Phone Developer Tools will be ready on September 16.

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has just delivered on Monday an answer for software developers wondering when they'll be able to start creating apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The company is planning to release its Windows Phone Developer Tools on September 16, giving program authors at least a couple months to code before the "holiday release" of Windows Phone 7 handsets.

In the meantime, developers looking to have their apps and games ready for the Windows Phone Marketplace launch can get a head start by registering for the Marketplace and using the beta toolkit (direct download link) before recompiling the code with the final tools. Microsoft expects to start accepting Marketplace submissions in October.

Application storefronts have become an important factor in influencing which phone or operating system consumers buy. Since apps built for previous Windows Mobile platforms will not be compatible with Windows Phone 7, having a strong showing of high-quality, varied apps is crucial for the platform's success.

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