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Win (and promote) iPhone apps at AppGiveaway

Developers: This site lets you give away your promo codes, building product buzz in the process. Users: This site lets you win promo codes! Sounds like a double-win.

If you're an iPhone/iPod Touch user who likes to win free stuff or an iPhone developer who wants to generate some buzz about your product(s), look no further than AppGiveaway.

True to its name, AppGiveaway lets developers give away promo codes--and lets users register to win them. It's like eHarmony meets the App Store meets, um, some site that holds contests. Thankfully, there's no cost for either party.

AppGiveaway lets you enter to win promo codes for apps like this.

The site offers new giveaways every day. And not just one measly app: there were seven added today alone.

To throw your name into the virtual drop-entry-form-here box for any given app, just click through to read its description, and then click "Enter this giveaway." (If you haven't already registered, you'll need to do that first. It's a one-time e-mail confirmation process.)

If you're a developer, you need to register as one (as opposed to as a user) in order to submit your app for a giveaway. Of course, you also get to pimp the app with a sexy description, screenshots, links, and a Buy Now option for those who didn't win but want the app anyway.

It would be nice if the site showed a tally of how many people had entered a particular giveaway, or gave you a way to keep tabs on which giveaways you've entered. How about a way to sort giveaways so you can see those that are about to end (and sneak in your entry under the wire)?

Even so, AppGiveaway makes it a snap to enter app contests and, potentially, win free stuff. As for developers, it definitely looks like a way to get your app on the map, if only temporarily. (What do you say, devs? Is this a handy service, or does it need more, well, development?)