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Win a GEAR4 HouseParty 24/7 iPod speaker system!

If you love your iPod so much that you want to go to sleep next to it and wake up to its soulful sounds, we've got the perfect competition for you...

If you got a new MP3 player for Christmas, chances are you and your latest beau have already developed a very strong bond indeed. You've probably spent countless hours wrapped in its tangling wire, stroking its shiny metal casing and hanging on to every word expelled from its lovely little earbuds.

But do you want to go to sleep next to it and wake up to it, too? Luckily for you we're one step ahead of your inane desires and have spoken nicely to the good people at GEAR4, the makers of the HouseParty 24/7 iPod home stereo system, who have given us two of their units to give away.

This attractive offering not only plays the tunes on your iPod through its advanced speaker system, but it also boasts an FM/AM radio and an alarm clock, which you can program to allow you to wake up to the soulful sounds of your new love interest.

The HouseParty 24/7 is portable so can be used in any room of the house. It also comes with a remote control with 16 functions, an inverted LCD display with three-stage dimmer and it's compatible with all iPods and other MP3 players.

If you want to have a go at winning one simply visit the Win Things section in Digital Living and click on the 'Win a GEAR4 HouseParty 24/7 iPod speaker system!' competition. There's one easy question to answer for your chance to win one of these music maestros. Good luck! -KM