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Wilson's 4G V for better Verizon LTE

With a promise to boost your Verizon LTE signal, the Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G V is now on sale for $129.

Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G
Wilson Electronics's Sleek 4G V (right) is now on sale.
Kent German/CNET

Wilson Electronics announced today that its Sleek 4G V signal booster is now on sale for $129.

Announced earlier this year at CES, the Sleek 4G V is the first cell phone signal booster from the company to support Verizon's LTE network in the 700 MHz band. And when you're not on 4G, it's compatible with all GSM and CDMA networks (so, Verizon and its carrier rivals) at the 2G and 3G levels.

Like the earlier Sleek Booster, the Sleek 4G V comes with a cradle for holding your phone, a power cable for the cigarette lighter or USB port, and a small antenna. It's designed primarily for use in your car, but you can use it in your home provided you purchase an optional accessory kit with a standard electrical outlet plug.

Don't worry, AT&T customers, Wilson has your back, as well. In May at CTIA, the company showed the Sleek 4G. Though almost identical to the Sleek 4G V, it supports AT&T's LTE network instead.