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Will you buy the iPhone 5? (poll)

The new iPhone is here, but did Apple pack in enough goodies to get you to buy?

Hi, 5.
Hi, Five. James Martin/CNET

Well, it's official.

The new iPhone is the iPhone 5, and many of the rumors proved to be true: bigger screen, 4G LTE, and a faster processor -- all good stuff, to be sure.

But revolutionary? Not hardly. At first blush, the new model is simply playing catch-up with a number of other smartphones already on the market, without a single "wow" feature that'll have people talking.

The question is, will the iPhone 5 have people buying? And by people, I mean you: Did you already mark your calendar for September 14 so you can be among the first to preorder, or are you going keep your wallet in your pocket? Maybe you're somewhere in between, undecided but leaning one way or the other?

Whatever your opinion, vote on it! Click below to cast your ballot, then hit the comments to talk up why you will or won't be buying the iPhone 5.

For what it's worth, I'm undecided. I write about iPhones for a living, so I'm perfectly justified in getting the new model (that's what I tell the missus, anyway). But the only really appealing feature here for me is the bigger screen.

I'm surrounded by Wi-Fi, so 4G has never been a big draw for me. And I've got several zillion docks, cables, and accessories that won't be compatible with the new dock connector, so I'm definitely in no hurry there.

That's my 2 cents. Now hit me with yours.