Wi-Fi Xoom to sell at Sam's Club for $539?

A few photos and some news reportedly from a Sam's Club's annual meeting suggest that the retail chain is planning to offer a deal on the Wi-Fi-only Motorola Xoom.

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Could the Wi-Fi Xoom soon land in Sam's Club stores?
Could the Wi-Fi Xoom soon land in Sam's Club stores? Motorola

Consumers eager to pick up a version of Motorola's new Xoom tablet without the pricey data plan and two-year contract could get their wish courtesy of Sam's Club.

A series of photos and news reportedly coming from the retail chain's annual "Year Beginning" meeting this week point to the upcoming Wi-Fi-only Xoom popping up in its stores at a price tag of $539, according to DroidLife.

The photos offered up by DroidLife show a display filled with Xoom product vouchers and a sales sign above sporting the $539 price.

But zooming in on the sign does reveal a couple of amusing gaffes. Unless Google is backtracking on version numbers and launching a special edition of Android for homeboys, the reference to "Android 2.0 Homeycomb" is a glitch, perhaps a typo created by a bleary-eyed Sam's Club worker. (The Google operating system is Android 3.0, aka Honeycomb.)

If the reports are true, no specific Sam's Club launch date seems to have been revealed. But the Wi-Fi-only Xoom is set to debut in Europe starting in the second quarter.

The price itself follows Motorola's recent announcement that the Wi-Fi-only Xoom would sell for around $600 in the retail market. The 3G Xoom made its debut last week, selling from Verizon for $799.99 without a contract and $599.99 with a two-year commitment.

We've contacted both Motorola and Sam's Club parent Wal-Mart for comment.