White iPhone 4 unboxed and tested in Italy

Italian technology blog iSpazio kicks off what's sure to be the first of many tests regarding the newest iPhone release from Apple--the white iPhone 4.

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Joe Aimonetti


Italian technology blog iSpazio has kicked off what is sure to be the first of many tests of the newest iPhone release from Apple--the white iPhone 4. The blog ran tests on the proximity sensor as well as the infamous attenuation problems suffered by the AT&T iPhone 4 and the Verizon iPhone 4.

The delay in the availability of the white iPhone 4 has been largely attributed to problems with the white paint. Specifically, the way the paint was interacting with Apple's new glass technology was causing problems with the proximity sensor and allowing light leakage when using the cameras.

The above video shows the white iPhone 4 in action (as do others from iSpazio), and it would appear the attenuation issues do not exist. The proximity sensor tests also worked out in the iPhone 4's favor. I only wonder if this version can get past the Consumer Reports antenna test, which has failed Apple's last two entries.

With the announcement from Apple that the white iPhone 4 will finally make its way to retail stores tomorrow, and after seeing the results from iSpazio's tests, it would appear the paint issues have been worked out and Antennagate may finally be a dead story.

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