White iPhone 4 may be available from Three tomorrow

The white iPhone 4 popped up for sale on Three's website for a brief moment earlier today, with an 'earliest delivery' date of Wednesday 20 April 2011.

Scott Colvey
2 min read

The white version of Apple's iPhone 4 could be in some UK punters' hands tomorrow morning.

At least, that seemed like a possibility for a brief moment earlier today. In a blink-and-you-missed-it glitch this morning, the near-mythical white iPhone 4 popped up for sale on Three's website, with an 'earliest delivery' date of Wednesday 20 April 2011.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog grabbed a screenshot, but the original page has now been removed by Three. 

We should be clear that Three has long listed the white version of the iPhone 4 as available for purchase in the iPhone plans section of its website. But attempts to bag a white Apple handset have thus far resulted in would-be buyers being informed that the pallid model "is currently unavailable for order online or in store".

Does the latest development mean UK shoppers will be ahead of the queue when it comes to being able to buy a white iPhone 4? At the moment, that seems unlikely. But Three's apparent slip-up adds to growing circumstantial evidence that the launch of the white iPhone 4 is imminent.

Just last week, Bloomberg reported that "three people with knowledge of the plans" had said the white iPhone would go on sale in the US by the end of April. Closer to home, the iPhoneItalia blog stated it had been informed by a "reliable source" that the white iPhone 4 would arrive in Italy on 26 April -- a week today.

The question is: some 10 months after the iPhone 4's original launch -- and perhaps just a few weeks away from the announcement of the iPhone 5 -- will anyone want to buy one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook wall.