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White House unveils iPhone app

Obama administration jumps into iTunes with its own app dishing out the latest news, blogs, photos, videos, and live updates from within the Capitol.

The White House's new iPhone app
The White House's new iPhone app The White House

If you can't catch the president's next speech on TV, no problem--you can watch it on your iPhone.

The White House has hit the iTunes market with its very own app designed to keep all good U.S. citizens updated on the latest goings-on of government. In addition to offering news, blogs, photos, and videos, the app can tap into a live news feed, letting you watch such events as the president's annual State of the Union speech set for next Wednesday.

Washington is also promising more for the portable market. A mobile version of the Web site will soon be launched for other phones and devices.

Compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch 2G, the new White House app seems to be a hit with the American voters, so far winning 73 five-star ratings from the App Store, only 15 one-star reviews, and about a dozen split down the middle.

And unlike most things in Washington, this one won't cost you any money.