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This US airport offers you the best wireless service

The winner is one you may not have flown into. But if you're a Verizon Wireless customer, chances are you're on pretty good footing.

Approaching Airplane
Michael Breuer/Radius Images/Corbis

If you're facing a long layover and a phone is your only companion, you'll want to aim to fly into these airports.

Southwest Florida International in Fort Myers, Florida, and Sacramento International in California, came in first and second, respectively, for best wireless coverage among the top 50 busiest airports in the US, according to a new report from testing firm RootMetrics.


Verizon is tops in more of the top 50 airports than any of its rivals.


Though smaller airports generally fared better, behemoth Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International came in third.

As the battle for your wireless business heats up, having a reputation for superior coverage is more important than ever. These carriers lean on third-party firms like RootMetrics to weigh in on the speed and reliability of their networks. A look at airports is critical because of the number of road warriors and power users who spend their downtime stuck in a terminal waiting for the next flight.

Even if you're not flying through those airports, you may have a good chance of decent coverage with Verizon, which was either first or tied for first in half of the 50 airports tested, according to the RootMetrics report released Tuesday. T-Mobile came in second with 16, just 1 more than rival AT&T. Sprint performed best in 3 of the airports.

"That's why we've got great focus not just in airports but all the places you want to go," said a Verizon spokesman.

AT&T, meanwhile, noted the capital investment it has made in its network to provide travelers with coverage.

T-Mobile and Sprint didn't provide comment. T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray has criticized RootMetrics's method of collecting data in the past, calling it flawed and out of date.

RootMetrics has stood by its methods.

Oh, and the worst airport among the top 50 busiest? Philadelphia International. Sorry, Philly.