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Which simple mobile phone?

Can you suggest a simple-to-use mobile phone with no frills?

Can you suggest a simple-to-use mobile phone with no frills, suitable for my sister-in-law who is 87 years of age?


Believe it or not, finding a simple-to-use, no-frills mobile phone is very difficult these days. It's amazing how many features are crammed in to phones and yet how rarely we use most of them. Ironically, it's getting harder and harder to find phones without cameras, MP3 players and Web browsers on them, but they are out there.

Another thing to keep in mind is that just because a phone is basic, that doesn't mean that the user interface will be easy to use. It's no use having a cameraless, MP3less and Web browserless phone if the second you turn it on, it starts to do things you don't understand.

There are purpose-built 'simple' phones on the market, such as the Sagem VS1 and VS3 in Vodafone's Simply range. These phones are designed to be hassle-free and uncomplicated. But in my experience, Nokia phones are probably just as good, if not better. Not every Nokia phone, of course, but there are a few models that I would recommend.

The first is the Nokia 1100, which is available for around £20 to £30 on pay as you go. It features a long battery life, built-in torch and is relatively easy to use. You will probably have to spend some time explaining how to use it, but it shouldn't take long. The next phone is the Nokia 1101, which is very similar to the 1100 but comes with an inverted black and white display with amber backlight and a speaking clock and alarm.