Which Android security apps are the most effective?

A recent test by the folks at AV-Test reveals the winners and losers among security software for Google's mobile OS.

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Lance Whitney
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Looking for a reliable security app for your Android device? AV-Test recently checked out 30 different apps, awarding many of them good grades.

The January 2014 report lists all the apps included in AV-Test's analysis. One column shows how the app fared at basic protection, while another column displays its record at usability. Six solid white squares in a row means the app got a score of 6 out of 6.

Drilling down on any one app reveals further details, including the criteria AV-Test used to gauge protection and usability. A Features section also tells you which important security features are in the app and which ones are missing. A convenient link to Google Play allows you to download the apps.

So which ones scored the highest grades?

The following scored 6 out of 6 for both protection and usability: Avira's Free Android Security 3.0; Bitdefender's Mobile Security 2.6; G Data's Internet Security 25.0; Kingsoft's Mobile Security 3.3; KSMobile's Clean Master 4.0; KSMobile's CM Security 1.0; McAfee's Mobile Security 3.1; Qihoo's 360 Mobile Security 1.5; Trend Micro's Mobile Security 3.5; and TrustGo's Mobile Security 1.3. The apps from G Data and Trend Micro also offered all of the important security features except two.

But do you need security software on your Android device? That's been an ongoing debate.

The security vendors certainly think you need protection. However, Google and others have argued against the need, claiming that the vendors are trying to drum up business for their products. Either way, those of you who want to secure your device should read AV-Test's report for the full scoop on the latest apps.

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