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What would you pay for an Apple tablet? (poll)

Sure, we'd all love it to be $99, but the reality is Apple's soon-to-be-unveiled new product will probably cost a pretty penny. How much is too much?

This is just a concept image, but you can bet any device with such a big screen isn't going to come cheap. Gizmodo

Now that we're just less than 24 hours away from Apple's big announcement, let's take a quick poll: What's the most you'd pay for an Apple tablet?

You know, the tablet--Apple's worst kept secret since the iPhone. There's a 99.99 percent chance that it'll be unveiled at tomorrow's product-launch event--and rumor has it the price tag will be, well, up there.

When you think about it, its anticipated price is not terribly surprising. After all, if it has 10-inch color screen and persistent 3G connection (as the New York Times indicated today), I can't envision a sticker price anywhere less than $500--probably more like $600 to $700.

Will anyone but the most ardent Apple fanboys pay that kind of money? I love my iPhone to death, but at this particular moment, I can't see what value the iTab-iPad-iGiveUp will offer. If it requires another monthly fee for 3G service (think iPhone, not Kindle), then forget it.

That's my take. What's yours? Vote in our poll, then hit the comments to discuss your perceived value of the Apple tablet. Come back tomorrow after the dust settles and we can have a real discussion about the price.