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Watch an iPhone steer a real live car

Crash Bandicoot will never be the same after you see this video, in which an iPhone becomes a wireless steering wheel for a real (albeit heavily gutted) car.

This post was going to be about Cal's Plumbing Video Tutorial - Minor Toilet Rebuild, and make no mistake: It would have been exciting as hell.

But, let's face it, when it comes to do-it-yourself projects, basic toilet repair takes a backseat to driving a car with your iPhone while standing on the roof!

That's the feat these crazy dudes from Waterloo Labs managed to pull off. (And you thought Asphalt 5 was fun!) Watch in equal parts horror and envy, as I did, while a human crash-test dummy rides atop a specially modded car, steering it using only his iPhone's accelerometer.

There's really nothing more to say, other than I'm looking forward to the day when this is a $79 do-it-yourself kit.

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