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Want to take notes on an iPad? Here's your stylus

Priced at $14.95 each, the Pogo Sketch and Pogo Stylus are also great for artists who prefer pen-based input over fingertips. The styli work with iPhones and iPods, too.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
The Pogo Sketch and Pogo Stylus offer pen-based input for your iPad. Ten One Design

If you had visions of scribbling notes on your iPad, much like you can with virtually every other tablet that preceded it, Apple pretty much dashed them with Wednesday's focus on its onscreen keyboard.

Unsurprisingly, accessory makers have already stepped up to fill the gap. Ten One Design recently announced the Pogo Sketch and Pogo Stylus, which are fully compatible with the iPad.

As with the iPhone and iPod Touch, the iPad's screen requires capacitive input, which is why a traditional plastic stylus (or a gloved fingertip) won't work. The Pogo pens have special tips that mimic the touch of a finger, but with considerably less surface area.

Consequently, they should work quite well with art apps like Brushes (which was spotlighted during Wednesday's product launch) and current and future note-taking apps.

The pen-length Pogo Sketch is available in silver and pink; the shorter Pogo Stylus comes in silver, pink, gunmetal gray, and black.

Both products sell for $14.95, and both are compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch (second-generation) as well as the iPad.

If you're planning to pull the trigger on an iPad, think you'll grab one of these to go with it? I can definitely see the appeal, especially if you paired it with a handwriting-recognition app like WritePad.