Waffles, sloths and Saturn could become new emojis

Good news for famous sloth-lover Kristen Bell.

If you like sloths, you could end up getting a new emoji honoring the unusual creatures.

If you've ever sent a text and lamented the lack of emojis depicting waffles, sloths, otters and the planet Saturn, you could be in luck. 

Unicode -- the consortium that governs the standard that includes emojis -- has 104 proposed Emoji Candidates  (60 characters plus variants) that have advanced to Draft Candidate status for a possible release date in 2019. 

This means the newly approved symbols could end up as part of Emoji 12.0, which is planned for release in 2019 Q1 together with Unicode 12.0.

The proposed emojis include a yawning face, people standing, kneeling in a yoga pose, hands pinching, mechanical limbs, and an ear with a hearing aid. New clothing emojis include ballet shoes, shorts, underwear briefs, a one-piece bathing suit, a sari and a service animal vest. 

For possible new animal emojis, we might end up with a sloth, otter, skunk, orangutan, flamingo and a guide dog.  New food emojis include a waffle, falafel, butter, garlic, onion, oyster, juice box, mate tea and an ice cube. 

A Hindu temple, wheelchair, parachute, Saturn, yo-yo, kite, diving mask, razor, bandage, blood drop, stethoscope and various chairs are also on the list of emoji designs to be reviewed. 

White and brown hearts, as well as circles and squares in the colors of orange, yellow, green, purple, brown and red have been suggested. 

If you still don't see your favorite creature, clothing, object or activity listed as an emoji, you can propose new candidate ideas to be reviewed for 2020 here

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