Vodafone's passes let you binge Netflix on the cheap

Adding a pass to your account lets you watch Netflix, stream Spotify, or mess around on Facebook as much as you want without using your monthly data allowance.

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Andrew Lanxon
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If you regularly find yourself running out of data at the end of the month following a binge of Breaking Bad on Netflix then Vodafone's new bundles may be just the ticket.

If you're on a pay monthly plan, you can add a pass to your account. It'll let you use certain specific data-heavy services without eating into your monthly data allowance. 

The video pass, for example, will let you watch as much Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube as you like for an additional £9 per month on top of your existing data plan.

Other bundles include:

  • Music pass (£5 per month): Includes Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Napster, Deezer, Soundcloud, Amazon Music
  • Social pass (£5 per month): Includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Chat pass (£3 per month): Includes WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger

There's also a combined pass, containing all the bundles for £15 per month. 

You'll need to use the official apps for the data used to be recognised as part of the bundle (so don't go to Twitter through your phone's web browser, for example). Any service not listed in the bundle will still come out of your normal allowance. The video pass also includes TV Player, Vevo and My5 but notably doesn't include BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub or 4OD. 

Vodafone also has a new pay-as-you-go plan which gives unlimited minutes, texts and 500MB of data, but caps all usage at £1 a day. Only send one text in a day? That'll be 20p. Send 500 texts and spend an hour on a call? That'll be a pound. Lovely stuff.