Vizio's Android tablet to hit Wal-Mart for $349?

First demoed at CES in January, Vizio's upcoming 8-inch Via tablet could be selling at Wal-Mart soon, according to photos leaked of the product's placard.

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Is Vizio's new 8-inch tablet about to debut?
Is Vizio's new 8-inch tablet about to make its debut? Donald Bell/CNET

Vizio's upcoming 8-inch Android Via tablet could soon find itself on the shelves at Wal-Mart selling for $349, according to an apparently leaked photo.

Displaying what appears to be a photo of the product's placard, tech enthusiast site This is My confirms some of the tablet's specs, including a high-resolution capacitive touch screen, a front-facing camera, and built-in GPS. Though no release date was revealed, the site asserts that the tablet should reach the market soon.

Vizio, which is primarily a maker of LCD TVs, demoed Via--its first tablet--at CES in January.

A hands-on look from CNET found the touch screen to be very responsive and the user interface to be quite fluid. Beyond the specs listed by Wal-Mart, the tablet offers Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth, an accelerometer, and an ambient light sensor. The Via also includes a mini-HDMI port, a Micro-USB port, and a slot for SDHC memory expansion.

An infrared remote integrated into the tablet can also turn it into a universal remote control, allowing users to control TVs, DVD players, and other video devices.

Adding further fuel to the rumors that the tablet may soon debut is a pointer from Engadget to a recent video that showed NBA basketball star Blake Griffin being given a tech tour of his Via tablet. Early on in the video, the Vizio representative tells Griffin that "we're getting ready to introduce our new Vizio tablet."

Vizio did not immediately return CNET's request for comment.