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Video: Sony Ericsson Aino wants to entertain

The Sony Ericsson Aino combines a touchscreen and a keyboard into a media phone that can stream your PlayStation 3 stuff over the Internet and sync over Wi-Fi -- watch our hands-on video for more

The Sony Ericsson Aino hopes to keep your attention glued to its 76mm (3-inch) screen with a mountain of movie and music features.  

It includes a syncing and charging cradle, but Son Eric says it will also be able to sync to your PC wirelessly over its built-in Wi-Fi. And it also includes a pair of Bluetooth headphones, so wires could be a total thing of the past in an Aino-activated future.

We're told that it will also play nice with your PlayStation 3 -- the Aino will be able to control your console and stream any of your media files, either on your home network or over the Internet.

Watch the video to see us pawing the Aino's touchscreen and tapping its buttons.