Video: HTC Magic hands-on

In this video we get hands-on with the HTC Magic, the follow-up to the T-Mobile G1. It's packing Android, but this time it's a full touchscreen phone

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Nick Hide

We've been waiting ages for another Android phone to compare to the T-Mobile G1 and at Mobile World Congress, Vodafone finally delivered. The operator pulled the HTC Magic out of a hat here in Barcelona and in this video we were on hand to check it was real, like a more dorky version of Debbie McGee.

HTC built the G1 too, so it's not surprising to find the Magic similar in looks, but it's a smaller phone and forsakes the slide-out keyboard for a full touchscreen. The Magic will be popping out of thin air in the UK pretty soon, at which point we'll have a full review. In the meantime, check out our HTC Magic photo gallery here.

Update: Read our HTC Magic Review on the site now.