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Verizon's Global Data Package: $25 for 100MB of usage

The carrier says that when customers use up all of the 100MB of data in one month, they'll be given the chance to buy more for an additional $25.

A comparison chart of global data packages prepared by Verizon.
A comparison chart of global data packages prepared by Verizon.
Verizon Wireless

Verizon has launched a new Global Data Package for those traveling overseas.

The company announced today that its new Global Data Package will deliver 100MB of data per month to customers for $25. The special rate is available only to those customers who have a domestic data package, and it allows them to access e-mail, surf the Web, and engage in other data-heavy tasks.

Before travelers sign up for the service, however, they should beware that it's available in 120 destinations around the world, including Mexico, Canada, and all of Europe. When traveling to Asia and Africa, however, compatibility might vary.

Although it might not seem that Verizon is handing over much for $25 per month, the data allowance actually doubles AT&T's 50MB plan, which sells for the same price. AT&T offers a few other plans, ranging in data allowances of 125MB to 800MB. The top-end 800MB plan costs $200 per month.

Verizon's plan becomes even more affordable, when one considers that AT&T charges customers $10 for every 10MB of usage beyond the 50MB limit, pushing the total cost to $75 for 100MB. Verizon, meanwhile, will give customers 100MB of extra data for another $25, in the event that they go over the initial limit.