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Verizon will reportedly sell the HTC One after all

HTC will have locked up every major U.S. carrier for the launch of its flagship smartphone.

The HTC One
Sarah Tew/CNET

It appears HTC got all the major U.S. wireless carriers to play ball.

Verizon Wireless, initially the lone carrier that skipped carrying the flagship HTC One phone, will actually sell the phone after all, according to a report by AllThingsD.

A representative from Verizon declined to comment. An HTC representative declined to comment, saying that this falls under rumor and speculation.

HTC had been attempting to get all carriers to sell its single high-end smartphone in a bid to follow Apple's iPhone and Samsung Electronics's Galaxy S3. It's part of the company's strategy to simplify its product lineup and devote more resources to fewer places.

By getting Verizon Wireless, HTC would have the support of all four national carriers in the U.S., crucial to spurring its potential turnaround.

HTC had attempted something similar last year with its One line of phones but was still stuck with a highly fragmented line. The high-end One X went to AT&T, while the lower end One S went to T-Mobile. Sprint Nextel opted to go with an updated Evo 4G LTE instead, while Verizon pushed HTC to create the Droid DNA.

HTC needs all the good news it can get. It's already suffering from delays with shipments of the One, likely because of the complicated manufacturing process involved with the all-metal body. A broader rollout of the device won't likely come until April.

Verizon will likely sell the phone a month or two after the other carriers as a result of its testing process, AllThingsD reported.

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