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Verizon tosses in extra data for heavier users

A limited-time promotion sees Verizon giving its customers even more data for the money. But it's not available for all plans.

Verizon gives breathing room to heavy data users.

Verizon has revived a promotion that gives its subscribers 2GB of free high speed data per month, "for life." Available immediately, the deal is offered to both new and existing customers on Verizon's XL and XXL plans.

Verizon, which no longer offers an unlimited data plan, doesn't seem to be in a hurry to reintroduce one either. But, that doesn't mean it won't give some of its heaviest users a little breathing room.

The XL and XXL plans provide 12GB and 18GB of shareable data per month, respectively. As part of the limited-time promo, Verizon is giving each phone line an additional 2GB per month. A family of four, for instance, would receive 8GB of extra data per month on top of the standard allotment.

The bonus data is available to each phone line on plans that have up to 10 lines. Moreover, the data can be shared across other devices, including existing tablets or mobile hotspots. It cannot, however, be awarded to new tablets or hotspots.

Verizon says customers must stay on the XL or XXL plans in order to keep the bonus monthly data active.