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Verizon will turn on 5G in New York on Sept. 26

The Big Apple is about to see its fourth 5G network.

Verizon 5G is coming to NYC. 
Angela Lang/CNET

Verizon's gradual 5G rollout is continuing, with New York set to be the next city to get the company's fastest wireless network on Sept. 26. 

The news brings Verizon's 5G city count to 11, the network said Thursday. That's ahead of T-Mobile's six cities and Sprint's nine, but still trails AT&T, which is up in 21 cities for its "5G Plus" millimeter wave network (though AT&T has still not allowed regular consumers onto this network). 

With Thursday's announcement, all four major carriers will now be in New York, putting the city in an exclusive group with Dallas and Atlanta as an area that has 5G available from all four providers. 

Exact areas where users can expect to find 5G wasn't clear, but the carrier is saying its service will be available "in parts of uptown, downtown, midtown, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens." 

As this 5G is based on the same high-frequency millimeter wave technology used by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile elsewhere, it's likely that it will work well outdoors on certain blocks or areas, but not offer ubiquitous coverage indoors that midband networks like Sprint, or low-band networks from AT&T and T-Mobile can provide. 

T-Mobile recently began calling out Verizon as "VerHIDEzon" over its 5G rollout, blasting Verizon's lack of maps for its 5G cities and that it requires certain plans to be able to access the new network. 

T-Mobile, which uses similar technology as Verizon for its initial 5G deployment, does provide maps for its 5G service and has pledged not to charge more for 5G for at least three years as part of its bid to convince lawmakers to let it merge with Sprint

Verizon has previously said it plans to rollout its 5G network to over 30 cities in 2019, already announcing a host of cities that should expect to get it before the year is up. 

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