Verizon simplifies prices for prepaid wireless plans

There are five options to choose from with price points that range from $15 per month up to $60 per month.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
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The Moto E is but one of Verizon's prepaid smartphones.


Verizon Wireless simplified its prepaid rate plans for users of both basic phones and smartphones at a time when customers are seeking better low-cost wireless options.

There are five options to choose from with price points that range from $15 per month up to $60 per month. The plans are available today.

Verizon's new plans underscore the growing consumer interest in prepaid wireless options, which are often cheaper and don't require a credit check. While other carriers have offered new features and promotions on prepaid plans, Verizon's latest offerings feature more streamlined selections. The new plans also make it more convenient to add data.

Customers who own a basic phone can choose between two monthly options. For $15 per month, subscribers receive any combination of 300 minutes or messages plus unlimited mobile Web. Doubling down at $30 per month will get customers unlimited talk, text and mobile web.

Smartphone users start at $30 per month and receive unlimited talk and text; however, there is no high-speed data included. Customers must rely on Wi-Fi connections and mobile hotspots for data needs. The $45 option gives customers 1GB of data per month, while the $60 plan allows for 3GB of data.

As an incentive, Verizon will give customers an extra gigabyte of data each month so long as they sign up for the Autopay service, which lets the carrier automatically deduct the payment from your account.

Verizon customers can also purchase data in individual buckets. For $5, users get 500 megabytes which can be used over the span of 30 days. The $10 option offers 1GB while $20 provides 3GB of data. Both of these allotments can be spread out over the course of 90 days.