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Verizon rumored to launch Droid Incredible HD on November 23

Will the nation's largest provider sneak yet another Droid in before Black Friday?

Is this the Droid Incredible HD? Boy Genius Report

Back in August, the Boy Genius Report posted the first images of what was said to be an Evo 4G-like device destined for Verizon. Described as polished and being at the "very upper-end of the market," the images of the phone revealed a sleek handset with a 4.3-inch touch screen, an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, and a front-facing camera. But just as quickly as the phone came onto our radar, it went away.

Now, however, it's back on our scope after an administrator on Droid Forums tapped the phone with the name of Droid Incredible HD and a November 23 release date. The source of the info, Miami1683, says he has personally held the device and will have pictures for everyone next week.

Though we've seen plenty of leaked Verizon news over the last few weeks, and even a roadmap or two, we haven't seen any hint of a Droid Incredible followup. So why would we believe Miami1683? Simply put, he has a proven track record. He was the first person to predict the release of the Droid Incredible early in the year.

The hardware of the supposed Droid Incredible HD matches up with the Evo 4G, but it likely has more in common with HTC's new Desire HD. Filling in the gaps, we might also expect 768MB of RAM, Dolby Mobile and SRS virtual surround sound, and a kickstand. It's very possible that it will run Android 2.2 and carry the new version of HTC Sense, adding weight to the successor rumor. As many of you know, the first Droid Incredible also ran the custom user interface.

Regardless of what name this phone ends up with, I'm sure this will sell fairly well with Verizon. The nation's largest carrier has yet to offer a phone with a front-facing camera, so that feature alone should find an audience. Releasing this during the prime shopping season when many customers come up for contract renewal won't hurts either. With many of the Android handsets favoring Motorola over the last few months, it will be a nice change of pace to see a big HTC announcement.