Verizon ready to discontinue Droid 3, 4G hot spots, and more

The carrier is expected to clear out a number of devices in January, including a pair of Android handsets.

Verizon is expected to discontinue the Droid 3 to make room for its successor.
CBS Interactive

Barely six months after making its debut, the Droid 3 may be packing its bags and heading off into the sunset.

According to information obtained by The Verge, Verizon Wireless is poised to discontinue a number of devices, including the Motorola Droid 3, LG Revolution, and various Mi-Fi Hotspots. Their source advises that the final shipments are expected to arrive later this month.

Although both the Revolution and Droid 3 are relatively newer smartphones, the specifications pale in comparison to other Android handsets. Considering that successors to both models are rumored to debut in the near term, it makes sense to thin the herd a bit. Hopefully there's not much lag between the Droid 3 and the rumored Droid 4, as there are not many other options for Android users looking for a physical QWERTY keyboard.

The most interesting bit of The Verge's source is that Verizon is said to be discontinuing all of its Mi-Fi hot-spot devices. The Novatel LTE Jetpack will see final shipments in January, though the Samsung LTE Jetpack and ZTE Fivespot have seen their last days already.

Once these products are depleted, Verizon will have zero hot spots availaible with 4G connectivity. And that sets us up for new announcements at CES next week.