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Verizon pushes out minor update to Droid 2

Verizon Wireless has made a habit of rolling out small tweaks shortly after the release of its phones. The Droid 2 is no exception.

Droid 2

Verizon on Tuesday began pushing out a minor software update to the Motorola Droid 2 handset. As is the case with most new Android smartphones, carriers and device makers often follow up the release with a small update. Typically, these include bug fixes and very subtle user interface enhancements.

Similar to the initial Droid X update, the Droid 2 improves the contact sync with Corporate Exchange, and streamlines the setup process of Visual Voice Mail. Rounding things out are the ability to scroll within picture messages and a more accurate contact picture when browsing the recent call log.

Droid 2 owners are advised to look for the update immediately. If you need assistance with updating your phone, be sure to visit Verizon's support page dedicated to the Droid 2.