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Verizon offers early upgrades as iPhone 6, 6 Plus loom

Customers who would have otherwise been forced to wait until November 15 can upgrade now to a new device with no penalties.

James Martin/CNET

Verizon Wireless is offering an early-upgrade program for customers whose two-year contracts are not quite up for renewal.

The company informed customers on Sunday that all Verizon subscribers eligible to upgrade to a new smartphone on or before November 15 will have those dates changed to now, allowing them to get a new device whenever they see fit -- without penalties.

"As a special thank you to our existing customers, all Verizon customers who would be eligible to upgrade on or before November 15th have had their upgrade dates changed to become upgrade eligible immediately," a Verizon spokesperson confirmed to CNET on Tuesday. "These customers can now upgrade to any device currently in our lineup, with (a) new two year contract. "

Carriers have offered early-upgrade programs in the past when they want to boost sales before a big launch. On Friday, Apple will be launching its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and both devices are likely to sell out in quick order. By pushing up upgrade dates, Verizon is now adding more of its own customers to the pool of people who might be buying a new iPhone.

Like other carriers, Verizon offers subsidized prices on devices for customers who sign two-year agreements. The iPhone 6, for example, will start at $199 for new or current Verizon customers who are eligible to upgrade. Off-contract, the iPhone 6 starts at $649.

(Via Android Police)