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Verizon launches V Cast Media Manager

Verizon introduces new software called V Cast Media Manager to help customers managing multimedia between their phone and PC.

Verizon Wireless released new desktop software on Monday to help its customers better manage the media between their cell phones and computers.

Based on Smith Micro's QuickLink Media Software, V Cast Media Manager is available as a free download and lets you transfer photos, videos, and music from your phone to your PC via USB cable and provides you with tools for organizing, editing, and viewing the content. With the software, you can do such things as touch up photos, create slideshows, and rip and burn CDs. In addition, V Cast Media Manager can help you sync your multimedia library onto a new phone.

Be aware, however, that the software is currently only compatible with a certain number of phones, such as the Samsung Rogue, LG EnV 2, LG Dare, and RIM BlackBerry Storm. Verizon said it is working on bringing support to more devices in the coming months, including Android smartphones. To see a full list of compatible phones and to download the software, check out the V Cast Media Manager product page.