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Verizon is bringing 5G inside by teaming up with Boingo

Separately, the carrier is expanding its 5G network to another US city.

The race toward 5G continues. 
Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images

Wireless carrier Verizon and Wi-Fi provider Boingo are bringing 5G Ultra Wideband Service to indoor locations, like airports, stadiums and office buildings, Verizon said in a statement Thursday.

Verizon describes the effort as "working together to architect a hyper-dense network." Getting reliable 5G indoors has been an issue. The millimeter wave, or "mmWave," spectrum that Verizon uses offers higher capacity but is more easily blocked by glass and walls than other types of spectrum.

There's also a new city snagging 5G. Phoenix is the 10th city to get Verizon's 5G network since April. Initially, the service will be centered on downtown locations like the Phoenix Convention Center and Chase Field. It will launch Friday.

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