Verizon Has Most Reliable Mobile Network in US, JD Power Reports

People are using mobile networks more, and noticing more problems -- though less often on 5G service.

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People are using their phones and mobile devices more than ever, leading to greater awareness when mobile networks fail. In this time of greater demand for better service on the go, Verizon has the most reliable network in most parts of the country, according to JD Power.

Verizon had the fewest network quality problems per 100 connections, as JD Power measures reliability, in five of the six regions that the analyst firm splits the country into for its latest Wireless Network Quality Performance Study. The company took the Mid-Atlantic, North Central, Northeast, Southeast and West regions, while AT&T outperformed other carriers in the Southwest. 

The report was based on responses from 34,174 wireless customers surveyed from January through June, which collectively suggested that as customers have increased their use of mobile networks to stream content, they've noticed more problems with quality. Despite far fewer problems with 5G networks, slow loading or even failure to load content is the most common complaint.

"The most influential problems on network quality ratings continue to be streaming audio and video quality, low loading times and calls not going through," JD Power Managing Director Ian Greenblatt said in a press release.