Verizon gives away free Droid X devices prelaunch

A viral marketing game involving Twitter and the next Android smartphone from Motorola has fans hunting them down all over the country.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster

The Droid X doesn't land in Verizon Wireless stores until next week, July 15, but a small group of lucky folks may be getting their hands on one early.

According to the Twitter account set up for the Droid X advertising campaign, there are 21 coupons placed around the country. At various times throughout the day, @DroidLanding will provide clues as to a voucher's whereabouts. Some clues have been relatively vague, claiming to be near mountains, while others hint at specific cities. Among the locations expected to have coupons are St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Houston.

The final hint for each Droid X will come in the form of exact GPS coordinates. Once tweeted, players have four hours to hunt down the coupon to claim their prize. As I sat down to write this blog, the clue for "Droid X Designate #4" said that the location should be at the end of a Pier #66 in New York City, near the Hudson River Greenway. Jump forward a few minutes and we learn it has already been found.

I'm a big fan of Twitter games and viral marketing, so I look forward to seeing how the contest plays out over the next few days. If my hunch turns out to be right, one of the Droid X vouchers might be less than an hour away from me. You can bet I am gonna make a run for it once the coordinates are given!