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Verizon could get Entourage Edge

By year's end, Verizon should introduce Android tablets from Motorola and Android and the Entourage Edge, which combines an e-book reader and a tablet.

Verizon is expected to carry the Entourage Edge, which is a dual-screen portable device that combines an e-ink-display e-book reader with color-screen tablet computer. Josh P. Miller/CNET

On Monday, I relayed some hot gossip about Verizon's Android device roadmap for the rest of the year. The Boy Genius had originally uncovered the information, and I added new details that I received independently from someone in the know. I apologize, however, for making a mistake when reading my notes on the carrier's upcoming Android-powered tablets. Please find the correct dish below.

The Samsung P1 tablet, which is due in September, will not have the dual tablet/e-book reader design that I mentioned in my first blog. Instead, Verizon should offer the Entourage Edge dual book sometime next month. Donald Bell wasn't overwhelmed when he reviewed the Entourage Edge earlier this year, so we'll be waiting to see how Verizon markets the device. The Motorola Everest, on the other hand, will have a 10-inch screen. At the time of this writing, it's due in October.