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Verizon and Good boost Android enterprise support

The nation's largest wireless provider gets a leg up on the competition with enhanced security and collaboration.

Enterprise-grade security and management comes to Verizon.

The nation's largest wireless provider has paired up with one of the premier names in the enterprise space to bring business-grade security and management to handsets like the Droid 2, Droid X, and LG Ally. The move will give the carrier a leg up when it comes to attracting business customers who previously worried about security protocols, remote wiping, and general data encryption.

The new solution is based around two components: messaging and control. Good Mobile Messaging will provide personal information management (PIM) and enterprise-class e-mail and Good Mobile Control will allow for over-the-air and on-device encryption of enterprise data. Furthermore, administrators will be able to remotely wipe enterprise data across the entire mobile deployment.

Integrating these features will definitely give Verizon an edge against the competition, particularly RIM. More importantly, this should help spur Android adoption in general. As big as the platform is becoming, I can't help but think that the growth rate would be accelerated if Android provided better business and enterprise features. Let's face it, if Android had security and encryption along the lines of BlackBerry, then RIM would be in danger of giving up the top spot for market share. That's why I'm excited when I see news like today's partnering between Good Technology and Verizon.