V-Moda Vibrato Remote earphones are stylish and durable

The V-Moda Vibrato Remote earphones provide plenty of bass and a stylish, durable design with a handy built-in remote for iPhones and iPods; even Android users can benefit from the integrated call answer button.

Jasmine France Former Editor

V-Moda Vibrato Remote earphones (photos)

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V-Moda has gained quite a reputation for its stylish, low-profile earbuds. The good word has been helped along by the fact that these 'phones offer plenty of low-end thump for those who have only experienced the anemic bass offered by stock earbuds. The latest model to be pumped out of the V-Moda factory, the Vibrato Remote, is no exception.

This $129 pair offers plenty of thump, a slick and durable design with a built-in mic and remote for use with the iPhone and iPod, and a unique plug housing that's designed to withstand wear and tear. Better yet, overall sound quality is solid, and the call answer button works with Android devices as well. Just don't get these if you prefer a more recessed low end. Also, be aware that these are far from "lightweight."

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