Users experience iPhone activation problems

Users experience iPhone activation problems

Ben Wilson
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Several readers have reported problems with iPhone activation, starting on Friday, September 14th, continuing through the weekend and early this week. Some users are receiving the error message:

"Market down -- iPhone activations in your area are temporarily unavailable due to routine AT&T maintenance. Please disconnect your iPhone and reconnect it in 24 hours to begin again; you will be required to re-enter your activation information. We apologize for this inconvenience."

iPhone Atlas reader David Aberman writes:

"I have been trying to activate my new iPhone since Friday, September 14, 2007. I  have called Apple twice, both times, after a >30 minute wait, I was connected to tech support in Canada.  First the customer service representative told me that the AT&T/Cingular web site was down and not expected to come back up until Monday at 0400 EST.  He told me to take my phone to an Apple Store.  When I asked him if they could get around the AT&T web site, he said no.  I asked him why he suggested I go to an Apple Store when that would obviously be futile.  He said he didnâ??t know what to do except wait. [...] When I called back today, I was told that the problem was with iTunes.  According to the second customer service representative, the iTunes activation function in 9 states was 'down for maintenance,' and will be back up on either Sunday or Monday, he didn't know exactly when."

Several Apple Discussions threads harbor similar complaints.

This appears to be a temporary problem that is being resolved on AT&T/Apple's end.

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