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USB Turntable lets you kick it old skool. And new skool

Vinyls gathering dust? Want to bring your old collection kicking and screaming into the 21st century by converting them to MP3s? Ch-ch-check this out...

Bring it back one time, Mr DeeJay! We've just been digging through the Internet crates (ie Firebox) and spotted this phat USB Turntable that'll make you wanna say "Ho!", with an extra two "Ho!"s cos' it's Christmas, boyee! Ahem.

As the name suggests, the USB Turntable lets you convert your old vinyl records into a digital format for use on your PC or MP3 player. You just connect it to your computer, put the needle on the record and use the bundled Audacity software to do the recording and audio conversion.

It's clever enough to play records at either 33 or 45rpm, and it'll even do ancient 78rpm records as long as you're prepared to do some fiddling in the software and buy a special stylus. The USB Turntable has adjustable gain, anti-skating control, high-speed dubbing, and can be connected to your ordinary hi-fi via CD or auxiliary inputs.

It's available from Firebox for £120 -- a small price to pay until somebody invents a portable vinyl player. Apple, are you listening? -RR