Samsung Galaxy S8 owners get 100,000 free song uploads and a bunch of other free stuff

Music lovers will adore Google Play Music and its new collaboration with Samsung.

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Alina Bradford
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Everyone likes free stuff. And if you're a Samsung Galaxy S8 owner, you're about to get a lot of stuff, gratis.


Google Play Music

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Samsung has nixed the Milk Music player on all Samsung devices. Now the default is the Google Play Music service. That's not the exciting part, though. What will get you revved up is that the Play Music service will now come with a bunch of perks audiophiles will love on all new Samsung phones or tablets , including the Galaxy S8.

Upload 100,000 songs

Using Play Music, Samsung users will be able to upload up to 100,000 songs to their personal music locker. As long as you own the tracks, these uploads are free. This offer is double what other users get. So, if you're migrating from a different music service, you'll have plenty of room for your songs.

Free subscription

Play Music's subscription streaming service will also be free for a three-month trial period. This trial will give you access to more than 40 million songs and a ton of curated playlists. The service is also ad-free, so no more breaks in your jams.

YouTube Red

A subscription to Play Music will also give you YouTube Red for free. Of course this is only for people who've never tried Red. All older users are stuck with our paid subscriptions.


Samsung has a new virtual assistant named Bixby that is fully integrated with Google Play Music. You will be able to ask Bixby to start playing music and it will open Play automatically. You'll also be able to ask it to play your favorite song or to play a certain genre of music.

How do you get the perks?

According to Google, all of these extras will be available to anyone with a new Samsung phone or tablet, such as the Galaxy S8. Google Play Music will already be downloaded onto your device and all you'll need to do is set up an account, if you haven't already got one.

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